Duo Clamp SRS 32 - 36 mm

SKU : S173243

Group: 1225


Two-piece pipe clamp with double thread connection (M8/M10) for the installation of pipelines.


Supplied with two bolts partially mounted on one side and therefore ready for immediate installation. The clamping bolt on the open side is retained by a plastic washer, thus preventing any accidental unscrewing.

Technical Data

Max. adm. load (tension)
Tightening torque
13 - 73 0.6 kN 2
75 - 167 2.5 kN 2

Material: Steel, electro-galvanised


This product has obtained the "RAL G├╝tezeichen Rohrbefestigung" and is subject to external surveillance according to RAL GZ-655.

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Duo Clamp SRS 32 - 36 mm