Duo Clamp SRS with Lining 12 - 15 mm

SKU : S159368
Group: 1225


Two-piece pipe clamp with double thread connection (M8/M10) and sound absorption lining for the installation of pipelines. Applicable for sound-absorbed installations according to DIN 4109 specifications.


Supplied with two bolts partially mounted on one side and therefore ready for immediate installation. The clamping bolt on the open side is retained by a plastic washer, thus preventing any accidental unscrewing.

Technical Data

Working load (tension)
Tightening torque
12 - 64 0.6 kN 2
67 - 219 2.5 kN 2


Steel, electro-galvanised
Sound absorption lining:
SBR/EPDM (black)

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Duo Clamp SRS with Lining 12 - 15 mm